Supply Chain and Higher Education Experts
Training, Certification and Consultancy

Supply Chain and Higher Education Experts

Training, Certification and Consultancy




Undergo professional training in logistics/Supply chain from a team of industry experienced and qualified instructors and become a global logistics/Supply chain expert.

Millions of youngsters are unemployed after their graduation. Some even make it to the interviews, but gets rejected. Why? Companies only hire experienced candidates in their organization. So how does a fresher get a job? Our programs are specially designed for fresher to train them in various field of Logistics/Supply Chain, with internship program at the end, to make them ready for a job. If you perform well during your internship, companies will hire you as a permanent employee.


Topics Covered

  •  Supply Chain Overview
  •  Supply Chain Strategy
  •  Demand Management
  •  Forecasting
  •  S and OP
  •  Master Production schedule
  •  Material requirement Planning
  •  Capacity Management
  •  Purchasing
  •  Inventory Management
  •  Warehousing
  •  transportation
  •  Distribution
  •  Theory of constraints
  •  Lean and Just in Time
  •  Total Quality Management and six sigma
  •  Sustainability
  •  Reverse logistics and green supply Chain
  •  Positions include: Demand Planner, Supply Chain Executive, Supply Chain Analyst, Supply Planner etc.


Topics Covered

  •  Introduction to Logistics
  •  Foreign Trade Policy
  •  Export procedure and documentation
  •  Import procedure and documentation
  •  Global Logistics Management
  •  Introduction to Global Logistics
  •  Different modes of Shipment
  •  Multimodal transport system
  •  3PLs/4PLs, CHA, CFA, Customs Brokers, Other agents for shipping
  •  Customs bonded warehouses
  •  Freight consolidation, Customs Procedure
  •  Incoterms, LCL/FCL
  •  Sea- Containerisation, CFS, ICD
  •  Sea - Port Operation, Harbour facility
  •  Airport and cargo operations
  •  Rail Operations, CONCOR
  •  Road Operations, Fleet Management
  •  Route Planning and Optimisation
  •  IT systems for Logistics applications, TMS
  •  Cargo Insurance, Currency and Tax considerations
  •  Finance and Payment Options
  •  Packaging and material Handling
  •  Warehousing Basics
  •  Inventory Management Basics
  •  Logistics related statutes
  •  Reverse Logistics
  •  Positions include: Logistics executive, Impex(Import/Export) Executive, Customs Clearance Executive, CFA executive etc.


Topics Covered

PART I – Warehousing/Stores

  •  The role of the warehouse
  •  Role of warehouse executive
  •  Warehouse processes; receiving and put-away
  •  Warehouse processes; pick preparation
  •  Picking strategies and equipment
  •  Order Picking Methods
  •  Warehouse processes from replenishment to despatch and beyond
  •  Warehouse Management System
  •  Warehouse Layout
  •  Storage and handling equipment
  •  Resourcing a warehouse
  •  Warehouse cost
  •  Performance management
  •  Outsourcing
  •  Health and safety
  •  The warehouse and Environment
  •  The warehouse of the future

PART II – Inventory Management

  •  Inventory basics
  •  Fundamentals of Inventory Management
  •  Purpose and Functions of Inventory
  •  Inventory replenishment management
  •  Lean Inventory- theory and practice
  •  Fundamental of Purchasing/sourcing strategies
  •  Additional inventory replenishment and Inventory performance
  •  Positions include: Stores executive, Inventory controller, Put-away/Picking/Dispatch executive etc.


Topics Covered

  •  Introduction to Logistics
  •  Introduction to purchasing
  •  Procurement requests
  •  Preparation/evaluation of solicitations (RFI, RFQ, EOI, ITT…)
  •  Supplier Analysis
  •  Negotiation Process
  •  Contract Execution, Implementation and Administration
  •  Administration and Personnel aspects
  •  Material flow
  •  Forecasting and strategies
  •  Inventory basics
  •  Fundamentals of Inventory Management
  •  Purpose and Functions of Inventory
  •  Introduction to ERP(Enterprise Requirement Planning)
  •  Material Requirement Planning, MRP
  •  Practical training on key processes in ERP/MM
  •  Auditing suppliers
  •  Supplier Relationship Management, SRM
  •  Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  •  Green purchasing
  •  Procedure for Imports
  •  Advanced purchase practices
  • Positions include: Purchase executive, Strategic Sourcing executive, Vendor Development executive, Procurement executive, Materials Executive, Administration executive etc.


  •  Successful candidates will be placed in suitable industries / CFAs / Customs agents etc.
  •  Students are expected to prepare well and attend interview
  •  Internship can be in Bangalore/outside Bangalore
  •  At the end of the internship, Certificate will be issued by respective organizations
  •  Internship can be for a period of 2 to 4 weeks
  •  All expenses, including travel, boarding, lodging and other incidental expenses during this program will have to be borne by the candidates
  •  They must follow all the instructions, policies & code of conduct etc. provided by the respective organizations
  •  Depending on feasibility and industry situation, timing and duration of the program will be flexible.
  •  Students are also welcome to source their own internship program through their contacts, if feasible
  •  There will be no necessity of internship, if the candidate is directly placed
  •  Arranging internship is only assistance provided by the company and will not be mandatory on the part of organization.


  •  Interviews will be arranged for Successful candidates in suitable organizations
  •  Candidates must prepare well and attend the interview
  •  Maximum 3 interviews will be provided by the institute and it is the students ability to get placed.
  •  To have a wider choice, the interview and final placement will be at Bangalore / any location in India.
  •  All expense related to attending interview will have to be borne by candidates
  •  Though organization will make all efforts to place the candidates, it will not be the responsibility of the organization to confirm the placement, as it depends on candidate’s performance in interviews and industry economic situations

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