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New Normal for Logistics

The fundamental role that logistics plays in our everyday lives has never been more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the inevitable questions now being posed is: what will the “new normal” look like? And, therefore, how does this industry adapt itself and change to these new circumstances? Not every country will respond in the same way and there will be no way of determining how long any period of restrictions might last or what form they might take. Flexibility will be the watch word moving forward, and the ability to deliver solutions to match the customer’s new needs will be key.

The original use of the word ‘logistics’ is of course military: a term which personnel used to refer to how they obtained, stored and moved equipment and supplies. Today, the use of the word is much wider and covers all aspects of the flow of goods between point of origin and point of consumption; and along the supply chain.

The management of logistics is about having the right resources in place at the right time to get the goods delivered to the right location in the correct condition. It sounds simple but with ever more complex, longer supply chains around the world it only takes one part of the world to sneeze and your entire supply chain can catch a cold.

Whatever the new normal is, logistics will still play a key role in how the world recovers from a time of planetary economic collapse

The sophisticated just-in-time supply chain format has been shown to have many failings when you add in a global pandemic, where no nation remains untouched. This may well result in a reformatting and readjusting of the entire logistics industry as we enter the new normal. But, whatever the new normal is, logistics will still play a key role in how the world recovers from a time of planetary economic collapse.

In the past, economic downturns have tended to hit the logistics industry hard; but at the same time we need to recognize that the industry has broadly benefitted from the key trends of the last half century – globalization, the growth of just-in-time supply chains and the exponential growth of internet shopping.

eCommerce is likely to continue to boom on a global basis. As McKinsey points out in its 2020 report on how consumer goods companies are preparing for the new normal: “In the medium term, we expect shoppers to prefer the “safe” experience of shopping online to the prospect of shopping in crowded stores”.

Shopping from the safety of our own homes – be they in Auckland, Abu Dhabi, Aix-en-Provence or Albuquerque – appeals as long as we can rely on the logistics provider to deliver what we ordered on time and in tiptop condition. The ability of the logistics provider to do that relies on knowledge, planning and experience – because business cycles and economic upturns and downturns are notoriously unpredictable.

What Will I Learn?

  • Prepare for global certification programs in Logistics

Topics for this course

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Session 1 Supply Chain over-view

Global leading supply chains00:13:04

Session 2 SC – External forces

Session 3 Evolution of Supply Chain concept

Session 4 Major supply chain issues

Session 5 Challenges(Contd..)

Session 6 Comparisons among regions

Session 7 Globalized economy

Session 8 Micro Perspective of global SC

Session 9 Supply chain security & role of ports

Session 10 Part 2 Role of Logistics in SC

Session 11 Macro perspective of logistics

Session 12 Micro dimensions of logistics

Session 13 Logistics & System analysis

Session 14 Supply Chain Network design

Session 15 Network design process

Session 16 Site location

Session 17 Modelling approach for network design

Session 18 Omni channel network design

Session 19 integrated Fulfillment models

Session 20 Sourcing

Session 21 Purchasing activities

Session 22 Strategic sourcing

Session 23 Core principles of strategic sourcing

Session 24 Total Landed cost

Session 26 Producing goods & services

Session 25 E-sourcing

Session 27 Trade-offs in manufacturing

Session 28 Operations strategy

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I am a Supply Chain / Logistics / Sourcing Professional. Trainer and consultant. Worked in large MNCs in Supply Chain, Logistics for nearly 3 decades and have in-depth practical knowledge in each of the sub-domains Currently engaged in consultation, training and certification programs of world's leading Supply Chain Institutes. Also have our own job oriented programs. Sub domains includes Materials, Logistics, Supply Chain Analytics, Purchasing/Sourcing, Warehousing, Transportation, Inventory Optimization etc Saved in Millions for organisations, in Inventory optimizations and improved all related processes Improved customer fill rates and reduced cost of operations Solved work-place issues / problems in their occupation of Supply Chain professionals Specialties: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Sourcing, Material Planning, Forecasting, Production scheduling, Warehouse management, Picking and line feeding, Logistics, Imports, exports, EOU, Lean, Operational Excellence, Productivity Improvement, employee & contractor management, Legal compliance ASCM, APICS, ISM
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The one willing to take a dip in the vast ocean of SCM and Logistics and Transportation to be precise, this course is for you , to make you professionally more skilled and competent

I have done MBA in logistics, after that I choose to go for CLTD, got to know this Exxpertscm, attended four live events in LinkedIn done by Mr. Pattabhi Raman sir, and I conducted him he suggests me to go for CLE preparatory syllabus for CLTD, along with mock test I purchased this course in best price.

I was looking for CLTD training, found their CLE program with less price including mock test, before knowing this I purchased mock test alone for 20k outside. Really worth purchasing this program including mock test access there will provide us

Well designed course for the learner, and very well explained by using practical cases rather than theory. It was a great experience learning from a person like him. He's one of the best instructors I've ever seen.

The whole course was very smooth & steady. I understood every topic very well. Thank you so much Pattabhi Raman Sir for helping me understand the usefulness of logistics in the supply chain.

It was a great course, it helped me to understand more about the logistics and distribution of products, also the simplest ways possible. I found it beneficial for applying it to my work progress.


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