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Prepare for global certifications in Supply Chain

Why is supply chain management important?

Effective supply chain management systems minimize cost, waste and time in the production cycle. The industry standard has become a just-in-time supply chain where retail sales automatically signal replenishment orders to manufacturers. Retail shelves can then be restocked almost as quickly as product is sold. One way to further improve on this process is to analyze the data from supply chain partners to see where further improvements can be made.


Key features of effective supply chain management

  • Connected: Being able to access unstructured data from social media, structured data from the Internet of Things (IoT) and more traditional data sets available through traditional ERP and B2B integration tools.
  • Collaborative: Improving collaboration with suppliers increasingly means the use of cloud-based commerce networks to enable multi-enterprise collaboration and engagement.
  • Cyber-aware: The supply chain must harden its systems and protect them from cyber-intrusions and hacks, which should be an enterprise-wide concern.
  • Cognitively enabled: The AI platform becomes the modern supply chain’s control tower by collating, coordinating and conducting decisions and actions across the chain. Most of the supply chain is automated and self-learning.
  • Comprehensive: Analytics capabilities must be scaled with data in real time. Insights will be comprehensive and fast. Latency is unacceptable in the supply chain of the future.


Job prospects in Supply Chain Management

Companies today are developing global operational networks to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by economic globalization. Purchasing, production, and distribution activities are all taking place in various parts of the world. These companies need professionals with your expertise in the field of logistics and operations management. And the number of jobs in this field only increases.

After graduation, you are ready for a career as a manager of, specialist in, or consultant on the various supply chain processes (production/ operations, purchasing, distribution, coordination/ integration). You may find a job manufacturing or service organizations apart from e-commerce sectors, which is growing exponentially

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What Will You Learn?

  • Prepare for Global certifications in Supply Chain
  • Covers end-to end Supply Chain Management
  • Mock tests with more than 1000 Q&A available & to be ordered separately
  • Must if you are in job hunting

Course Content

Session 1a Program Introduction

  • Introduction

Session 1b Introduction to Certification

Session 1c Certification continuation

session 1d Certification continuation

Session 2a 21st Century Supply Chains

Session 2b 21st Century Supply Chains(contd..)

Session 2c 21st Century SC(contd..)

Session 2d 21st Century SC(contd..)

Session 2e Test questions

Session 2f Test questions

Session 3a Postponement strategies

Session 3b postponement strategies(contd..)

Session 3c Globalization & Logistics

Session 3d Logistics

Session 3e Logistics(contd..)

Session 3f Total cost evaluation

Session 3g Logistics functions

Session 3f Test questions

Session 4a CRM

Session 4b CRM(contd..)

Session 4c CRM(contd…)

Session 4d CRM(contd..)

Session 4e Sourcing

Session 4f Sourcing(contd…)

Session 4g Sourcing(contd..)

Session 4h Sourcing(contd..)

Session 5a Manufacturing SC

Session 5b Manufacturing SC(contd..)

Session 5c Manufacturing SC(contd..)

Session 5d Manufacturing SC(contd…)

Session 5e Manufacturing SC(contd..)

Session 5f Integrated Operations Planning

Session 5g IOP(contd..)

Session 5h IOP(contd..)

Session 5i IOP(contd…)

Session 6a Inventory management

Session 6b IM(contd..)

Session 6c IM(contd..)

Session 6d IM(contd…)

Session 6e IM(contd..)

Session 6f Transportation

Session 6g Transportation(contd..)

Session 6h Transportation(contd..)

Session 6i Transportation(contd..)

Session 7a warehousing

Session 7b WM(contd..)

Session 7c WM(contd..)

Session 7d WM(contd..)

Session 7e WM(Contd…)

Session 7f WM(contd..)

Session 7g WM(contd..)

Session 7h WM(contd..) & Global Supply Chains

Session 7i Global SC(contd..)

Session 8a Global SC(contd..)

Session 8b Global SC(contd..)

Session 8c Global SC & Network design

Session 8d Network design(Contd..)

Session 8e Network design(contd…)

Session 8f Network design(contd..)

Session 8g Network design & Operation Analysis

Session 9a Operations(contd..)

Session 9b Operations(contd..)

Session 9c Operations(contd..)

Session 9d Operations(contd..)

Session 9e Operations(contd..) & Collaboration

Session 9f Collaboration(contd..)

Session 9g Collaboration(contd..)

Session 9h Collaboration(contd..)

Session 10a Performance measurement

Session 10b Performance(contd..)

Session 11c Performance(contd..)

Session 11d Performance(contd..)

Session 11e Performance(contd..)

Session 12a Advanced concepts

Session 12b Advanced concepts(contd..)

Session 12c Advanced concepts(contd..)

Session 12d Advanced concepts

Session 12e Advanced Concepts

Session 12f Advanced concepts

Session 13a Advanced concepts

Session 13b Advanced concepts

Session 13c Advanced concepts

Session 13d Advanced concepts

Session 13e Advanced concepts

Session 13f Advanced concepts

Session 13g Advanced concepts

Session 13h Advanced concepts

Session 13i Advanced concepts

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10 months ago
Since it’s a self-paced I spoke with trainer to clear my doubts Mr. Raman sir explained in easy way and Thanks to Raman sir
10 months ago
I really felt happy to spent money on this program including mock test i got best one which would be helpful for my CSCP exam
10 months ago
This CSCE is helped me a lot to take my CSCP exam, Also Raman sir has referred study material name which was very much useful for me to prepare CSCP, Thanks to Raman sir to guided me to clear my CSCP.
10 months ago
Very interesting and it helps me in my further career, very good video lectures and others reading materials. Many thanks to Pattabhi Raman sir and Exxpert SCM
10 months ago
A good course for anyone who wants to gain knowledge and skills about Supply Chain. It was a great learning, this course really helped in terms of understanding the basic differences and how supply chain cost is affected
10 months ago
Exxpert SCM is a very good training institute they cover all the topics mentioned on the brochure also gives brief and depth information on each topic.
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