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Advanced Demand Forecasting concepts (includes Excel Templates)

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Why is demand forecasting important for modern supply chains?

In the wake of the pandemic, companies are in an exceptionally fast-moving business climate. Customer behaviors and expectations are evolving quickly and as more and more businesses adopt optimized supply chain practices and cloud-connected business networks, competition is getting fierce.

Demand forecasting is important to the supply chain because it helps to inform core operational processes such as demand-driven material resource planning (DDMRP), inbound logistics, manufacturing, financial planning, and risk assessment.

At its best, demand forecasting combines both qualitative and quantitative forecasting, both of which rely upon the ability to gather insights from different data sources along the supply chain.

Qualitative data can be curated from external sources such as news reports, cultural and social media trends, and competitor and market research. Internally-sourced data – such as customer feedback and preferences – also contributes greatly to an accurate forecasting picture.

Quantitative data is typically mostly internal and can be gathered from sales numbers, peak shopping periods, and Web and search analytics.

Modern technologies employ advanced analytics, powerful databases, and use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze and process deep and complex data sets. When modern technology is applied to qualitative and quantitative forecasting and predictive analytics, supply chain managers can provide ever-increasing levels of accuracy and resilience.

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What Will You Learn?

  • * Skill Development
  • * Better Job opportunities
  • * Perform well in the interviews
  • * Foundation before taking ML programs

Course Content

Session 1 Intoduction

  • Introduction

Session 2 Introduction (Contd..)

Session 3 Need for the Forecasting

Session 4 Uses of Forecasting

Session 5 Accountability for Forecasting

Session 6 Forecasting Process

Session 7 Four Rs of Forecasting

Session 8 Inputs for Forecasting

Session 9 Forecasting Software vendors

Session 10 Forecasting Process

session 11 Forecasting software(part2)

Session 12 Forecasting steps

Session 13 Precautions in forecasting

Session 14 Forecasting Accuracy

Session 15 Which is best method?

Session 16 Forecast Bias

Session 17 Forecasting level

Session 18 The forecasting Pyramid

Session 19 Roll up and down

Session 20 Planning Bill of Materials

Session 21 Uses of Forecasting

Session 22 S&OP

Session 23 Forecasting special items

Session 24 MPS & ATP

Session 25 Forecasting methodologies

Session 26 Qualitative methods

Session 27 Quantitative methods

Session 28 Time series models

Session 29 Forecasting Trend

Session 30 Casual Models

Session 31 Measuring Forecasting error

Session 32 Right forecasting model

Session 33 Sample forecasting displays

Session 34 CPFR

Session 35 Holt Winters Forecasting method

Session 36 ARIMA

Session 37 Getting started

Session 38 Sustain

Session 23a Managing Demand

Session 23b Abnormal demand

Session 39 Excel Exercise 1a

Session 40 Excel Exercise 1b

Session 41 Excel Exercise 1c

Session 42 Excel Exercise 1d

Session 43 Excel Exercise 1e

Session 44 Excel Auto forecast tools

Session 45 Excel Winter Exercise

Session 46 Ratio to MA method

Session 47 Forecasting in the presence of special events

Session 48 Forecasting in the presence of Special events(Contd..)

Session 49 Forecasting in the presence of special events(contd..)

Session 50 Understanding of Time series

Session 51 Probabilistic Forecasting

Session 52 Winter Holts(different exercise)

Session 53 Winter Holts(contd)
pl use templates from session 51

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10 months ago
It was a great experience for me and I have gained lots of knowledge through this course, in a very efficient way, so thank you so much for the support.
10 months ago
This course proved very useful for me to quickly get started with some basic concepts of demand forecasting. this course is a foundation for beginners and helps experienced people to brush up on their fundamentals.
10 months ago
The videos are very helpful to understand in an easy manner also doubt clearance was given by Pattabhi Raman sir. Thanks for the support sir.
10 months ago
I planned to take up recorded sessions for long-term usage, which helped me to learn during my rotational week off. As well just recap when required. Thanks for the support Exxpert SCM
10 months ago
Worthful content and explanations, I liked this program.
10 months ago
Content and teaching vise am feeling Okay for what I paid
10 months ago
This demand forecasting topics is based on excel work outs and ppt manner also I go excel templates with solutions along with this package. Data are based on real time.
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