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Lean Supply Chain Definition:

While the standards of typical supply chain management are known to most business owners, a new wave of lean supply chain management is becoming more popular for a variety of reasons.

Understanding lean supply chain management definition starts with what effective supply chain management hopes to accomplish.

In general, what is lean supply chain starts with operating on the same principles of efficiency, but emphasizes overall quality.

This means a reduction of defective goods to zero, lowering waste, and increasing efficiency as a result.

The idea behind lean supply chain management is to emphasize a lower number of returns by customers so that every product that is sold is kept.

By reducing quality control issues and having to handle customers with their returns, lean supply chain management reduces overall expenses.

Characteristics of Lean Supply Chain:

The characteristics of lean supply chain management start with the products themselves.

An examination of why defects occur, and improving overall standards so that all goods are free of defects.

While defects will occur even in environments that emphasize high quality control standards, their numbers can be significantly reduced which in turn benefits the rest of the company.

The lean supply chain examples mostly come from defective products that has slipped through, such as recalled vehicles. When a vehicle is recalled by an auto manufacturing firm, the costs associated with repairing the issue can be considerable.

This means creating new parts and paying for the labor associated with the repair, not to mention the inconvenience caused to the customer.

What Will I Learn?

  • Improving the Supply Chain Performance
  • Understand how lean can improve Supply Chain

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I am a Supply Chain / Logistics / Sourcing Professional. Trainer and consultant. Worked in large MNCs in Supply Chain, Logistics for nearly 3 decades and have in-depth practical knowledge in each of the sub-domains Currently engaged in consultation, training and certification programs of world's leading Supply Chain Institutes. Also have our own job oriented programs. Sub domains includes Materials, Logistics, Supply Chain Analytics, Purchasing/Sourcing, Warehousing, Transportation, Inventory Optimization etc Saved in Millions for organisations, in Inventory optimizations and improved all related processes Improved customer fill rates and reduced cost of operations Solved work-place issues / problems in their occupation of Supply Chain professionals Specialties: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Sourcing, Material Planning, Forecasting, Production scheduling, Warehouse management, Picking and line feeding, Logistics, Imports, exports, EOU, Lean, Operational Excellence, Productivity Improvement, employee & contractor management, Legal compliance ASCM, APICS, ISM
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The course is so useful to me. it helps me know the supply chain and Lean Supply Chain

I learned a lot from this class . Highly recommend it to beginners. The instructor made everything is understandable.

I thank Coursera for helping me by providing this platform and Lean Supply Chain

I like content and the way trainer explains the topics

Content and trainer explanation was quite good and understandable

This is a great short course for anyone who is passionate about working in the supply chain or is being a member of a supply chain already. I have enjoyed it.


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