Project Management in Supply Chain

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Project management in Supply Chain, 5 step project management process


Why do you need project management in Supply Chain?

If you want to successfully manage change within a business, then project management principles are vital. It is commonplace to find both improvement and strategic initiatives. This is particularly true when it comes to the supply chain function. Take a look at the activities that form a part of many organizations’ improvement programs; they might include:

  • The option to outsource key abilities such as manufacture or assembly
  • Moving over to a global supply chain rather than a local one
  • Rationalization of suppliers
  • Arranging corporate deals
  • Programmes of cost reduction
  • Programmes of lead time reductions
  • Rationalization of inventory
  • Deployment of technology

A complex co-ordination of resources is required for these activities in order to deliver an objective that is defined in a particular timescale. The appropriate skills and techniques, together with experience of the supply chain, are required for a successful outcome.

What Will I Learn?

  • Perform supply chain excellence
  • How improvement activities can be benefited PM

Topics for this course

9 Lessons1h 33m 52s

Session 1 Introduction

PMI vs APICS00:14:53

Session 2 Sponsor

Session 3 PM techniques

Session 4 PM vs SCM

Session 5 PM techniques

Session 6 PM & SCM

Session 7 Techniques

Session 8 Interface

Session 9 Material cost

About the instructor

I am a Supply Chain / Logistics / Sourcing Professional. Trainer and consultant. Worked in large MNCs in Supply Chain, Logistics for nearly 3 decades and have in-depth practical knowledge in each of the sub-domains Currently engaged in consultation, training and certification programs of world's leading Supply Chain Institutes. Also have our own job oriented programs. Sub domains includes Materials, Logistics, Supply Chain Analytics, Purchasing/Sourcing, Warehousing, Transportation, Inventory Optimization etc Saved in Millions for organisations, in Inventory optimizations and improved all related processes Improved customer fill rates and reduced cost of operations Solved work-place issues / problems in their occupation of Supply Chain professionals Specialties: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Sourcing, Material Planning, Forecasting, Production scheduling, Warehouse management, Picking and line feeding, Logistics, Imports, exports, EOU, Lean, Operational Excellence, Productivity Improvement, employee & contractor management, Legal compliance ASCM, APICS, ISM
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A good beginner-level course, good to learn for everyone. Thank you. I learned so much

A beautifully designed course that touches all aspects of sourcing - right from basics to strategies

It's a very good course and the professor explains everything in a very good manner. Learned a lot from this course...

Extremely informative course. Im glad I selected this course ,I hope this program will add advantage in my career.

Course is really informative and provides you the basic understanding of supply chain . Overall it is good and concise.

There are using real time data to do projects rather than explaining theory, Excellent syllabus to learn.


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  • Basic knowledge in both supply chain & Project management

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