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SCOR Model for Supply Chain

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The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model provides a reference framework for efficiently analysing and measuring supply chain performance. The SCOR model covers the supply chain from the supplier’s supplier right through to the customer’s customer. Each link in the chain revolves around the same five processes: plan, source, make, deliver and return.

About the SCOR Model

The SCOR model was developed in the USA and is managed by the APICS Supply Chain Council. This reference framework enables users to identify, manage and discuss supply chain processes. It is based around five distinct processes:

  1. Plan: Alignment of supply and demand in order to develop a plan that meets the purchasing, production and distribution requirements.
  2. Source: Procurement of goods and services that are needed to meet the demand.
  3. Make: Transformation of raw materials and components into finished products.
  4. Deliver: Supply of finished products, including order management, warehouse management and transport management.
  5. Return: Finished products that are returned, for whatever reason.

Performance indicators within the model

One aspect of the SCOR model is a set of performance indicators (KPIs) enabling supply chain performance to be measured. Examples of such KPIs include:

  • Perfect order fulfilment
  • Order fulfilment cycle time
  • Total cost to serve
  • Cash-to-cash cycle time
  • Return on working capital
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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand about global metrics standard for Supply Chain
  • Also about benchmarking

Course Content

Session 1 SCOR intro

  • Supply Chain Operations & Reference model

Session 2 Four section of SCOR

Session 3 Practices & people

Session 4 Attributes & Metrics

Session 5 Supply chain metrics

Session 6 SCOR levels

Session 7 Supply chain agility

Session 8 Certification

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10 months ago
Good to learn for everyone, nice learning experience also good to develop your skills
10 months ago
Well, advanced course for in-depth knowledge of the subject. I really enjoyed the course, learned new useful knowledge worth full.
10 months ago
Nice content and explanation
Overall is purely good program to learn
10 months ago
It was a really great course. He explain the topics with exercises to see how it can be applied in the industry.
10 months ago
Purchased for 1999rs program, it’s really worth to pay for this program need more programs from your side
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