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Supply Chain Metrics, Inventory Turnover, Cash to cash, On Time Delivery performance etc..


What Are Supply Chain Metrics?

Supply chain metrics are the numbers and ratios a company tracks to measure how efficiently it delivers goods to customers. Keys to efficiency in supply chain execution include how well and cost-effectively companies drive the flow of materials from procurement to delivery, including activities like production, warehousing and transportation.

The right metrics shed light on where to invest to achieve maximum returns.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s vital to employ metrics and KPIs to assess how your supply chain is performing.
  • Important KPIs for finance include cash-to-cash cycle times and gross margin return on investments.
  • Inventory turnover ratios and inventory velocity are two central gauges of how well your company manages its intake and outflow of goods.
  • A central KPI dashboard accessible to all stakeholders helps leaders stay on the same page and prioritize resources.

What are supply chain KPIs?

Supply chain key performance indicators (KPIs) quantify how well a supply chain is performing. Leaders need to decide which KPIs are most important to track.

Because there are many metrics that can add value, we often advise companies to divide supply chain KPIs into tiers based on functions. A company may decide on a bucket of top metrics that are most important to its business and watch some lower-tier KPIs occasionally.

What Will I Learn?

  • Improvement is possible only when you are able to measure the right metrics

Topics for this course

9 Lessons1h 55m 40s

Session 1 Organizational objectives

Value creators & Effective frontier00:14:58

Session 2 Conflicting objectives

Session 3 Green goals

Session 4 OTIF and other metrcis

Session 5 GMROI & others

Session 6 ITR & fill rate

Session 7 Vendor delivery performance

Session 8 Planning metrics

Session 9 Introduction to SCOR

About the instructor

I am a Supply Chain / Logistics / Sourcing Professional. Trainer and consultant. Worked in large MNCs in Supply Chain, Logistics for nearly 3 decades and have in-depth practical knowledge in each of the sub-domains Currently engaged in consultation, training and certification programs of world's leading Supply Chain Institutes. Also have our own job oriented programs. Sub domains includes Materials, Logistics, Supply Chain Analytics, Purchasing/Sourcing, Warehousing, Transportation, Inventory Optimization etc Saved in Millions for organisations, in Inventory optimizations and improved all related processes Improved customer fill rates and reduced cost of operations Solved work-place issues / problems in their occupation of Supply Chain professionals Specialties: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Sourcing, Material Planning, Forecasting, Production scheduling, Warehouse management, Picking and line feeding, Logistics, Imports, exports, EOU, Lean, Operational Excellence, Productivity Improvement, employee & contractor management, Legal compliance ASCM, APICS, ISM
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Great course...I look forward to applying it. Thanks for explaining the concepts so well

.I have learned a lot of things about sourcing in supply chain management. Why are supply chain Metrics are so important to the supply chain.

Well, advanced course for in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Nice slides, and comparative comments on each best practice based on the same impact matrics.

The content is totally relevant to what I wanted to learn. However, teaching style could be enhanced. Overall, enjoying it and learning what i wanted to learn.

Good Examples and explanations using business cases


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  • Basic knowledge about Supply Chain functions

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  • Supply Chain Professionals, at all levels
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