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Supply Chain Network Design

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What is Supply Chain Network Design?

Supply Chain Network Design (SNDC) also known as ‘strategic supply chain planning’ is the process for building and modelling the supply chain to understand the costs and time to bring goods and services to market within an organizations available resources.

SCND covers all the movements and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory and finished goods from the point-of-origin to the point-of-consumption. It covers the planning, implementation and control of supply chain operations.

How does strategic supply chain planning fit into the planning process?

Planning processes in SCND aim at finding the best possible supply chain configuration so that all operations are performed in an efficient way.

Three planning levels are distinguished depending on the time horizon.

  • Strategic: Covers future planning, market factors, capacity and technological changes.
  • Tactical: Focused on a shorter planning cycle – demand, inventory and supply.
  • Operational: Activities measured in weeks, demand fulfilment, scheduling, production & transport.

What factors influence the Supply Chain design network?

Volatile markets, rapidly changing consumer tastes, constant ambiguity and uncertainty are quickly making traditional linear supply chains obsolete. Their shortcomings are apparent in their inability to keep pace and meet the needs of diverse customer, let alone detect promising new customer segments. Their responsiveness is further compromised by fragmented supply networks and operational inefficiencies that hinder scalability.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Serves as a foundation to pursue higher levels in Supply Chain Network design
  • Various inputs required for design are analyzed and explained in details

Course Content

Session 1 What it is?

  • Introduction

Session 2 Value network

Session 3 Development chain

Session 4 Uncertainty & Risk Factors

Session 5 Evolution of SCM

Session 6 Supply chain costs

Session 7 Inventory management

Session 8 Forecast impact

Session 9 EOQ

Session 10 Demand uncertainty

Session 11 Various models

Session 12 Supply Chain strategy

Session 13 Inventory model exercise

Session 14 Continuous review policy

Session 15 Service level

Session 16 Lead time & Safety stock

Session 17 Service level optimisation

Session 18 Risk polling

Session 19 Managing inventory in Supply Chain

Session 20 Four Stage Supply Chain

Session 21 Forecasting

Session 22 Network Planning

Session 23 Strategic decisions

Session 24 Customer segmentation

Session 26 Network design demo

Session 27 Warehouse cost

Session 28 Industry benchmarks

Session 29 Network cost

Session 30 Inventory positioning

Session 31 Complex products handling

Session 32 Product categories

Session 33 Network planning

Session 34 Sourcing Contracts

Session 35 Types of Contracts

Session 36 Contract types

Session 37 Optimization strategy

Session 38 Contract example

Session 39 Cost sharing contract

Session 40 Optimization

Session 41 Other contracts

Session 42 IT in network process

Session 43 Stages in Supply Chain

Session 44 Co-ordination of the systems

Session 45 Bull whip effect

Session 46 Trade – offs

Session 47 SC Integration

Session 48 Pull based system

Session 49 Appropriate strategy

Session 50 Impact of lead time

Session 51 Internet adoption

Session 52 Distribution Strategies

Session 53 Traditional warehousing

Session 54 Cross docking

Session 55 Inventory pooling

Session 56 Search level

Session 57 Strategic alliances

Session 58 3PL

Session 59 Retailer – Supplier

Session 60 Inventory ownership

Session 61 Distributor Integration

Session 62 Procuring strategies

Session 63 Outsourcing rsiks

Session 64 Buy/make decisions

Session 65 Product architecture

Session 66 Supplier footprint

Session 67 Components sourcing strategy

Session 68 E-markets

Session 69 Technological forces

Session 70 Risk management

Session 71 Sensing & responding

Session 72 Hedge strategy

Session 73 International SCM

Session 74 Regional difference in logistics

Session 75 Product & Supply Chain design

Session 76 Design for logistics

Session 77 Modularity

Session 78 Product Standardization

Session 79 NPD

Session 80 Mass customisation

Session 81 Customer value

Session 82 SCM Strategy Case example

Session 83 Price & barnd

Session 84 Achieving excellence

Session 85 Performance measures

Session 86 DCOR model

Session 87 Smart pricing

Session 88 Managing issues

Session 89 Revenue mangement

Session 90 Pricing

Session 91 Dynamic pricing

Session 92 IT & Business process

Session 93 business maturity

Session 94 Data collection

Session 95 Supply chain goals

Session 96 Supply chain analysis

Session 97 DSS

Session 98 Analytical tools

Session 99 Operational excellence

Session 100 Integrating IT

Session 101 Technology standards

Session 102 IT infrastructure

Session 103 E commerce

Session 104 SOA Service oriented Architecture

Session 105 Data capture

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10 months ago
Great course from Supply Chain Management Specialization, the course was very informative and contains lots of useful information. The examples provided in the course was excellent.
10 months ago
The recorded sessions are informative. Really the self-paced programs are effective for start-ups or beginners, the middle level for career growth.
10 months ago
End to End supply chain information was covered during the sessions, which really helps in understanding good in a manner as well.
10 months ago
In this course, I have learned the different segments within the supply chain. Also, I have a better understanding of which area I would like to go into. Thanks, Raman sir for the guidance.
10 months ago
I have attended 3 live free webinars taken by Mr Pattabhi raman which got inspired, me to purchase this course, useful content.
10 months ago
I liked this program content and teaching way, also got materials am very much satisfied.
10 months ago
I love this course, Trainer has explained each and every topic in understandable manner
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