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Transportation Management Program

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About Course

Why a study of Transport Management is required for Logistics & Supply Chain Professionals?

Competitive transportation rates during most of the 1990s and the early years of the 21st century, coupled with excess capacity particularly in the motor carrier sector of the industry, allowed many companies and other organizations to develop demand-driven or demand-pull supply chains.

The low transport rates extended to global water carriers which, when coupled with low labor rates in some foreign countries, led to increased outsourcing of manufacturing and other related activities.

Transportation both global and domestic, played a key role in the global supply chains that developed with the increased outsourcing, but transportation was not always fully appreciated.

Times have changed, however, with consequent implications for supply chains and especially transportation service providers.

Fuel prices have escalated; transport capacity is tighter; labor costs have increased for many global locations; there is more concern about the environment and sustainability; and there are growing infrastructure problems with ports, highways, bridges, terminals, rail right-of-ways, rivers, and canals.

The net impact is that transportation can no longer be taken for granted and its importance to efficient and effective supply chains is significant and increasing

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What Will You Learn?

  • To understand Transport functions in supply chain and manage the operations effectively

Course Content

Session 1 Transportation – the vital link in Supply chain

  • Intro

Session 2 Freight service components

Session 3 Supply Chain concept

Session 4 Value utility

Session 5 Transportation expence

Session 6 Transportation Costing 1

Session 7 Transportation costing 2

Session 8 Road Transport 1

Session 9 Road Transport 2

Session 10 Road Transport 3

Session 11 Rail Transport 1

Session 12 Rail Transport 2

Session 13 Air Transport

Session 14 Sea Transport 1

Session 15 Sea Transport 2

Session 16 Sea Transport 3

Session 17 Pipelines

Session 17a Multi-modal

Session 18 Transport Risk Management 1

Session 19 Transport risk 2

Session 20 Transport risk 3

Session 21 Global Transport plan1

Session 22 Global Transport plan 2

Session 23 Global Transpot execution1

Session 24 Global transport execution2

Session 25 3PL for Transport

Session 26 Private Fleet Management

Session 27 Transportation sustainability 1

Session 28 Sustainability 2

Session 29 Sustainability 3

Session 30 Reverse Logistics

Session 31 Transportation Regulations

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3 Ratings
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11 months ago
The sessions are really helpful like this program, Raman sir teaching was so good and easy understandable
12 months ago
Learned some new skills which i looking for ,Thanks to Raman sir
12 months ago
I really like this program, I like the way the trainer has explained the topics in quite an easy way
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