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Warehouse Management & Inventory Control

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Warehouse management & Physical Inventory Management is a integral part of all Supply Chain professionals

Warehouse management is the process, control, and optimization of warehouse operations from the entry of inventory into a warehouse — or multiple warehouses — until items are moved, sold, or consumed.

In the most general sense, these operations revolve around receiving and shipping.

  • Receiving: intaking, identifying, inspecting, and storing inventory
  • Shipping: processes such as picking, packaging, marking, weighing, and delivering products from the warehouse to the customer

Poorly-managed warehouses run into a host of problems, all of which impact profitability:

  • Disjointed teams and employees
  • Inaccessible inventory and equipment
  • Counterintuitive and redundant processes
  • Rigid and restrained lay-outs that undercut productivity

None of this is good for business. If warehouse operations aren’t in order, it becomes near-impossible to serve customers, vendors, and your own organization. Smart warehouse management, particularly the right warehouse management software (WMS), lets you do more while working less.

In saving time, money, and energy, you can reinvest these resources into spurring your business to further growth. Throughout this guide, we’ll take a close look at everything that goes into effective warehouse management. Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, let’s spell out some of the basics first.

Inventory management vs. Warehouse management

What’s the difference between inventory management and warehouse management? While the two terms overlap, there are key differences between inventory management and warehouse management.

Inventory management is focused solely on the actual items being held within a warehouse. As a part of your supply chain, inventory management includes aspects such as controlling and overseeing purchases — from suppliers as well as customers — maintaining the storage of stock, controlling the amount of product for sale, and order fulfillment.

Warehouse management, in contrast, is more concerned with the “journey” of individual items as they flow through the warehouse from receipt to shipment.

Here, we’re looking at the people, equipment, and other resources being used at different stages — and how they all come together.

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What Will You Learn?

  • To manage Warehouse operations effectively

Course Content

Session 1 Warehouse Objectives & Challenges

  • Trade-offs in warehouse

Session 2 Functions of warehouse

Session 3 Warehouse In-Charge Roles & Responsibilities

Session 4 ISO

Session 5 Receiving process

Session 6 Cross Docking

Session 7 Picking process

Session 8 Analysis for warehouse layouts

Session 9 Picking Methods

Session 10 Automatic picking

Session 11 Storage & Handling eqpt

Session 12 Pick by voice

Session 13 Comparisons of picking

Session 14 Replenishment

Session 15 Inventory accuracy

Session 16 Packing & Despatch

Session 17 WMS

Session 18 Warehouse layout

Session 19 Space calculations

Session 20 Warehouse space optimisations

Session 21 Storage & Handling eqpt

Session 22 Material Handling

Session 23 Warehouse resources

Session 24 Load vs capacity

Session 25 Warehouse costs

Session 26 Charging to the customer

Session 27 Metrics

Session 28 Perfect order

Session 29 Triple bottom line

Session 30 3PL

Session 31 4PL/LLP/5PL

Session 32 Health & Safety

Session 33 Hazard Management

Session 34 Safety management guidelines

Session 35 Warehouse equipment legislation

Session 36 Warehouse energy uses

Session 37 Packaging & Labelling

Session 38 Warehouse waste management

Session 39 Future of warehouses

Session 40 videos

Session 41 Inventory accuracy management

Session 42 Methods to measure accuracy

Session 43 Inventory accuracy improvement

Session 44 Real problems

Session 45 VMI / Consignment Inventory

Session 46 Improvement methods

Session 47 People factor

Session 48 Authority

Session 49 Back-flushing

Session 50 Inventory counting

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11 months ago
Interesting topics as well good guidance for career prospects, also I got doubt clarification from trainer I mainly prefer this course for beginners. Thank you sir
12 months ago
Excellent topics and guidance are given by Mr. Raman sir ,I prefer this for warehouse management beginners to learn the skills effectively
12 months ago
Very useful program
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